Horseshoe Bend Ranch Tactical - Centerville WA

Registration for Horseshoe Bend Ranch Tactical - Centerville WA
30.00 30.0 USD

Camp, civilian town, picket, skirmish, and battle in the wilderness of the Horseshoe Bend Ranch site. The WCWA has over 25-acre site to use for this event. We want all members to attend this event. There something for every member to do. Civilians & Military will enjoy this no public event. This is event is for us by us.


WCWA Tactical Event. 

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Date & Time
Saturday August 26, 2023
Start -6:00 AM (US/Pacific)
Sunday August 27, 2023
End -2:00 PM (US/Pacific)

Horseshoe Bend Ranch

1230 Horseshoe Bend Road
Centerville, WA 98613
United States
--Horseshoe Bend Ranch--
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